It Began With a Simple Question...

Five Things You Can Do Now:

  1. Host a community screening of A Simple Question
  2. Organize volunteers from your community or school to participate in a local restoration
  3. Learn more about connecting kids to their local watersheds
  4. Learn more about enriching children’s educational experience through place-based education
  5. Support the filmmakers with a tax-deductable donation

Project News

  • May 2012: ASQ nominated for Emmy in Community Affairs Category!!!!! go HERE for more info…..
  • ASQ WINS!! at Wild & Scenic FF >>More
  • ASQ WINS!! at Mtn. FF >>More
  • ASQ chosen for SFBA Children’s Film Festival >>More
  • International Bird Rescue Research Center Review >>More
  • ASQ Nominated “Best Environment & Ecology Film—USA” Swansea Bay FF
  • ASQ WINS!! “Best Short Film” award  at Reel Earth FF, New Zealand
  • ASQ WINS!! TWO AWARDS at International Wildlife Film Festival >>More
  • ASQ receives “Starred” review in the American Library Association’s Booklist Read Review.
  • ASQ receives “Highly Recommended” from Educational Media Reviews Online Read Review
  • ASQ WINS!! John Muir Film Award at Yosemite Int’l. Film Festival, Oct. 2010
  • ASQ WINS!! Honorable Mention Award, Ojai Film Festival, Dec., 2010
  • ASQ among Top 25 Videos for Students for 2011 — Booklist
  • October 8-15 — Radio interview of Kevin and David on An Organic Conversation See website for specific times and channels.

A Simple Question is part of the How On Earth project.
How On Earth is sponsored by Filmmakers Collaborative SF.

“A Simple Question: the Story of  STRAW” is an inspiring  film that chronicles students’ efforts to save an endangered species. It all began in Laurette Rogers’ 4th grade class as a project to save the imperiled CA freshwater shrimp, and has morphed into a regional science learning program combining habitat restoration work and community service. That class project is now PRBO Conservation Science’s STRAW Project, or Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed.
In 1992, Laurette Rogers’ 4th grade class asked what they could do save endangered species. It was a simple question that would change their lives. Partnering with ranchers, scientists, and government agencies, this remarkable service learning project has led to the restoration of 21 miles of riparian habitat for the CA freshwater shrimp. In the process, it catalyzed significant educational innovations by connecting kids with nature and classrooms with community. The STRAW program serves as testimony to the importance of empowering children to transform their world, which in turn, transforms us all.

Screenings & Festivals

• August, 2011  — PBS Broadcast of “A Simple Question” on Natural Heroes series. Beginning mid-August look for broadcast of ASQ on your local PBS channel, or check here for scheduling. If you don’t see it listed, use the Natural Heroes web page to contact your station and request its airing.
• October 23; 11:30AM — “A Simple Question” screens at UN Assoc. Film Festival. This year’s theme: Education is a Human Right. At Aquarius Theater, 430 Emerson St., Palo Alto, CA.
“Although the STRAW Project is about nature restoration, it is really about human restoration.”
Richard Louv, Author, Last Child in the Woods
“As many times as I’ve seen it, I never fail to tear up when I watch it because it always reminds me that this is the real work.” — Dr. David Sobel, Director, Teacher Certification Programs, Education Department, Antioch New England Graduate School
A welcome addition to school and public libraries, this well produced, tightly edited program is just the thing for spurring similar hands-on activities and for encouraging kids to get involved.”
American Library Association’s Booklist Magazine, June, 2010